I am here to help you discover the power of food and how simple changes can guide you towards living a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life! We are all unique and what may work for one person may not work for another. My assessments help determine any underlying nutritional deficiencies you may have, which systems (digestive, intestinal, circulatory etc.) may be out of balance and how we can best support them.

Together we will review your health history to determine if you have special dietary needs and how we can change your relationship with food! You will notice changes in your energy levels, mood and sleep patterns when you fuel your body with the essential nutrients it needs to run efficiently.

Don’t see the service you want below? I’m always open to discussing new ideas and how we can best work together.  Send me an email and we can chat! courtney@smartfuelforyou.com

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Bronze Assessment & Consultation

  • 60 minute assessment & consultation (in person or via Skype)
  • Nutrition and supplement recommendations & summary review
  • Practical advice to achieve goals
  • 3 day meal plan to get you started (recipes included)
  • Review, notes, meal plan and recipes provided hard copy and electronically

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Silver Assessment & Consultation Package

  • Everything from the Bronze plus:
  • 45 minute follow up (4-8 weeks after initial meeting)
  • Unlimited online support between initial meeting and follow up
  • Optional Body Composition Analysis to track your progress at initial and follow up meeting
    • Provides your weight, measurements, body fat %, lean mass and fat mass


Gold Assessment & Consultation Package

  • Everything from the Silver plus:
  • 2 follow up meetings over a 3 month period to keep you accountable and on track
  • Unlimited online support between meetings
  • Updates and recommendations made to your program based on your personal progress
  • Optional Body Composition Analysis to track your progress at initial, midway and final meetings

Follow Up Consultations

  • Check in and review your progress
  • Updates and new recommendations made to your program.
    • This could include a new plan, different style of diet, or a cleanse or detox.

5 Day Meal Plan

  • Meal plan is customized for each individual and compiled from lifestyle and nutrition assessment forms
  • Includes easy to make recipes, tailored to your personal goals

Grocery Store Tour

Maybe you don’t need a full assessment or want a specific meal plan. Maybe you just want to ask questions to better understand how to live a healthier lifestyle. There is so much information out there regarding diets, supplements, antioxidants, super-foods etc. It can get overwhelming and I can help you sort through what you should pay attention to.

  • Let’s visit the grocery store and I’ll educate you on reading labels, shopping and what to avoid.

Corporate Lunch & Learns

Overall Employee wellness and wellbeing is important for a successful organization! Do you want to improve morale and productivity in your workplace? I would love to speak to your staff about how to improve energy, eliminate brain fog, lose weight, balance blood sugar, or improve their athletic performance. Presentation, worksheets, and resources provided.

If you have benefits provided through your work, my services may be covered! Contact me for pricing and scheduling details. courtney@smartfuelforyou.com