So for years we’ve been told that low fat diets and butter substitutes, like margarine, are important in reducing your risk of heart disease and cholesterol issues. Today, I want to tell you about my love for butter and why you can put it back on your plate, hey even throw it in your coffee!

Before I continue, you need to understand that not all butters are created equal. Make sure you choose a good quality, grass fed butter. My brand of choice is Kiwi Pure (I buy it at Community Natural Foods, but it can also be purchased through Spud). It’s important that you choose an unsalted, grass fed butter as it’s higher in Omega 3’s, antioxidants, CLA, Vitamin A, K, D, E, and beta carotene.


So why Grass-Fed Butter? Butter produced from pasture or grass-fed animals, those animals who spend all day eating leafy greens, will be higher in nutrients than butter from factory-farmed raised animals that feast on cheap, GMO grains that lack nutrients.

Just because I said it’s healthy, doesn’t mean you can drown all of your food in butter now. It’s important to keep it in moderation. I have about 1 tbsp Grass-Fed Butter a day, usually just in my Bullet Proof Coffee in the morning. Check out my post on BulletProof Coffee to learn more about it’s benefits and how it helps energize me, eliminate brain fog and suppress my appetite.

The moral of this short story is that you shouldn’t have to deprive yourself of wonderful tasting foods when you eat a clean, whole foods based diet. Butter is amazing, it provides our bodies with the essential fats and nutrients we need and those fats are critical in healthy digestion, hair, skin, nails and reducing inflammation.