I’m so excited to now be a GoMacro Ambassador! It’s a simple job for me to take on, as I was already recommending GoMacro Bars to my clients, friends and family for the last year.

These bars are macronutrient balanced, organic, gluten free, vegan, non GMO, and soy-free. GoMacro is a family owned and operated business that started as a mother/daughter team. They source 100% plant-based ingredients from the top organic and non-GMO certified growers and even use InfantSafe brown rice syrup.

The bars are macronutrient balanced with 50% energizing carbs, 15% plant-based protein and 35% healthy fats. The carbs will fuel your tank so you can go harder for longer. Carbs are stored as glycogen in your muscles for energy when you need it most. They help transport amino acids to the muscle cells which aid in muscle growth. The protein helps repair your muscles for a quick recovery and the healthy fats reduce post-gym hunger and inflammation.

You can find these bars at Community Natural Foods, Safeway, Sunterra, and Jugo Juice locations to name a few in Calgary. You can also order online here.

In the spirit of Christmas, my new ambassador role, and reaching over 3000 followers on Instagram. I am giving away 2 boxes of GoMacro bars to a lucky person who reposts my picture on Instagram. Follow this link for the details of the giveaway!