It’s that time of year when Cherries are everywhere, they’re so delicious and offer tons of nutritional benefits! Nothing like having a big bowl in the fridge to snack on.


Here are 7 reasons why you should enjoy this fruit:

  1. Better Sleep
    1. Cherries actually contain melatonin, which encourages better sleep.
  2. Better Energy
    1. The natural sugars will boost your energy & mood!
  3. Better Digestion
    1. These little guys are high in fiber to help regulate digestion. 1 handful contains about a 1/4 of your recommended daily fiber. Also a good reason not to overeat cherries 🙂
  4. Stronger Immune System
    1. Super rich in Antioxidants to boost your natural defense mechanisms.
  5. Better Eyesight
    1. Being rich in Vitamin A, they promote good vision and help keep your eyes healthy. They have about 20x more Vitamin A than strawberries and blueberries.
  6. Less Inflammation & Swelling
    1. Source of Anthocyanins, which help reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation
  7. Stronger Heart
    1. This heart healthy food is rich in soluble fiber that helps reduce cholesterol!