This comforting broth can be made from the bones, marrow, skin, feet, tendons and ligaments of chicken, lamb, bison etc. It’s made by bringing all to a boil and simmering for at least 24 hours. This extracts the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, cartilage and marrow from the bones, making it super nutritious! You can drink the broth on its own or use as a base for soups and to cook your grains & beans.


This nutrient rich broth helps:

  • Heal your Gut
    • The gelatine helps seal up holes in your intestine, which alleviates digestive issues and some food intolerances. Especially helpful for those with Leaky Gut Syndrome or Ulcerative Colitis.
  • Strengthen your Immune System
    • With such a high concentration of minerals it will boost your immune health and help prevent cold and flu viruses.
  • Improve energy
    • Provides your body with the energizing vitamins & minerals it needs to perform optimally.
  • Strengthen your bones & protect your joints
    • The phosphorus, magnesium and calcium provide essential building blocks and glucosamine helps reduce inflammation and pain in your joints.
  • Improve hair, skin & nails
    • This is an amazing source of collagen that nourishes from the inside out.



Osso Bueno is a Calgary company that makes the most delicious Bone Broths! Laureen, the owner, has 4 specially crafted recipes that pack a ton of flavour; Chicken, Bison, Turkey & Vegetable. Aside from the amazing benefits listed above, Osso Bueno’s Chicken Bone Broth has 9g of protein in only 1 cup! It’s made with only organic and/or free range, grass fed chickens, bison and organic vegetables, simmered for at least 48 hours. She sells all over Calgary, you can find the locations on her website.